Playgrounds are lots of fun for our kids but they are also awesome for busy moms who want to multitask. While our little ones are running up the stairs and sliding down the slide, we can actually do a full body workout. Be creative, there is lots of other exercises you can do. These are only a couple to get you inspired.

We do step-ups by placing the right foot on the lowest stair and then push ourselves up through the heel while rotating our upper body to the left. When you step back down, you rotate your body back so you look straight in front of you. Use your arms throughout the exercise and exhale while you step up, inhale when you return to the starting position.
3×12 repetitions each side

Place your right leg on a stair and take a big step forward with your left foot. You need to adjust until your bent knee is at a 90 degrees angle when you lower your body down. Make sure your back is straight and you look straight forward, your knee should not surpass your toes at any time. When you push back up, your whole weight is in your heels and not in your toes.
3×12 repetitions each side

You can work your arms on the slide or if that one is busy, you can use a park bench. Grip the edge of the slide or bench with your hands, straighten out the right leg in front of you and if you can, lift the left one up. By doing so you are working arms and legs at the same time! Now slowly lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows. All your bodyweight is actually in those arms now. Exhale and inhale when returning to the original position.
3×6 repetitions each side

Sit on the sledge or on the park bench and support yourself by holding the platform you sit on. Tuck your knees in, your back is straight, the knees bent and your core muscles engaged. Now straighten your legs out in front of you. Don’t let them drop to the floor, they should be in a 30 degrees angle to the floor. While stretching your legs, slightly lie back with your upper body and exhale. Inhale while returning to the original position.
3×12 repetitions

You can do them on the park bench or on the stairs like I did. Elevated push-ups are easier than the classical ones and they are actually healthier because there is less pressure on your wrists. This is a great exercise for your chest and arms. Keep your body straight and engaged throughout the full movement. Lower your body slowly toward the platform while inhaling and then push back up exhaling. Your face may almost touch the surface when you reach the lowest point.
3×12 repetitions

Don’t do this exercise if you are scared or if it doesn’t look safe. Personally I love to to do crunches up side down on the monkey bar. You need to make sure you can properly lock your feet, then put your arms behind your ears and slowly come up while looking at your ears. Avoid pulling your neck, your strength has to come from your core muscles. Exhale while coming up and inhale when rolling back down.
3×12 repetitions

If you were at the gym you may do this exercise with help of the TRX. But as you can see, you may simply use a swing for support. Hold its back and then lower into a squat. Your feet are shoulder width apart and your knees bent at 90 degrees. Your arms are stretched out and your back is straight, you are looking straight and not down. Now jump up while pushing through your heels. Make sure you land softly on your feet and repeat.
3×12 repetitions


Again, don’t do this if you don’t feel safe or if there are kids waiting to use the swings hihi. But by using two swings you can totally work those inner thighs. Hold the chains of the two swings and put one foot on each of them. Then slowly lower your upper body while your legs are straight. You decide how far you want to go. Squeeze your legs together to push back to the original position. This exercise is better than any of the adductors machines at the club.
3×12 repetitions